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Personal Care Services


Grooming, and Hygiene

Caring Hands’ goal is to assist our clients with their personal care routines so they can look and feel their best. Studies have proven how effective and positive it is for seniors to have regular hygiene and grooming.  For clients who fear falling while bathing, or have physical or cognitive limitations that make bath-time difficult, our caregivers are there to help. We can assist with shampooing, shaving (with an electric shaver), hair combing and styling, and other grooming needs.


Transferring and Positioning

One of our top priorities is helping our clients move around their homes. This may include getting in and out of bed, chairs, and wheelchairs.  Proper transferring and positioning can contribute to reducing bedsore risks. This also helps reduce muscle atrophy, while encouraging proper breathing and digestion. It can also lower the risk of falls and injuries, as well as keep our clients as comfortable as possible.


Toileting and Incontinence Care

We understand the sensitive nature of toileting and incontinence care for our clients. Without proper help, seniors can face many issues. These may include skin infections, unpleasant odors, and general hygiene problems. Our caregivers offer compassionate, dignified help with these personal aspects of daily living.



Whether you’re looking for help adhering to a special diet or just want to improve nutrition, our caregivers can help. Our caregiver’s help certain clients stay on prescribed diets to prevent or control a wide variety of medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Our caregivers also help clients eat nutritious menus to promote disease prevention, healing, and healthy living. We make an extra effort to turn meals into enjoyable social time by engaging our clients in conversation over food.


Medication Administration 

Our caregivers administer medications, they assist in ensuring that clients take their medication as prescribed. Our caregivers help with opening medication containers, reading labels, and reminding the client when it is time for the next dose.


In-Home Companionship and Care Services



Studies prove that people who stay social and engaged have a better quality of life. They also have a lower tendency to develop depression and general cognitive decline. Our caregivers provide friendly company, conversation, and mealtime companionship a fantastic way to keep your loved ones engaged and upbeat.


Meal Preparation

Daily tasks, like meal preparation, can be a lot of work for seniors. Our caregivers step in and help in the kitchen when needed. They cook hot and wholesome meals to meet nutritional and dietary needs. Your loved ones are always welcome to work alongside their caregiver during meal prep. This time spent working together is an excellent opportunity for social interaction and conversation.



Our caregivers can take care of all laundry needs, either in the home or at a nearby laundromat. These services may include washing, drying, ironing, and putting clean laundry away.


Light Housekeeping

Our caregivers are available to provide light housekeeping. Our services include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms (sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets), cleaning kitchens (sinks, appliances, counters, and taking out the trash), straightening all rooms, organizing closets and drawers, and cleaning any interior windows reachable without a ladder.


Grocery Shopping/Errands

Getting around can be difficult for seniors, especially if they are unable to drive. Our caregivers take care of this problem by running around for you. This can include grocery shopping and other errands, such as stopping at the pharmacy or post office. Your loved ones are welcome to stay home or come along for the ride as a way to stay active.



Being out and about benefits one’s mind, body, and spirit. It's an integral part of Caring Hands’ Interactive Caregiving. For individuals unable to drive, our caregivers provide transportation incidental to other services, such as medical appointments, barbershops, beauty salons, and shopping. Just about anywhere your senior wants to go, our caregivers can help them get there.


Providing Services for Developmental Disabled, Elderly, and Veterans

Agency For Person with Disabilites

APD Area 4 Northeast Region

Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns, Bradford, Union, Charlton and Madison counties. 


Waivers Served

•Home & Community Based Services Waiver

•APD's iBudget Florida Program

•Private Pay

•Long Term Insurance


Services consist of non-medical care, supervision, and socialization activities provided to recipient’s age 21 years or older. This service must be provided in direct relation to the achievement of the recipient’s goals as specified in the recipient’s support plan. The service provides access to community-based activities that cannot be provided by natural or other unpaid supports, and should be defined as activities most likely to result in increased ability to access community resources without paid support. These services can be scheduled on a regular, long-term basis.  Activities can be volunteer activities performed by the recipient as a pre-work activity or activities that connect a recipient to the community.


Personal Supports

Provide assistance and training to the recipient in activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals. When specified in the support plan, this service can also include heavy household chores to make the home safer, such as washing floors, windows and walls; tacking down loose rugs and tiles; or moving heavy items or furniture. Services also include non-medical care, and supervision. This service can provide access to community-based activities that cannot be provided by natural or unpaid community supports and are likely to result in an increased ability to access community resources without paid support.



This service is generally used due to a brief planned or emergency absence, or when the primary caregiver is available, but temporarily physically unable to care for or supervise the recipient for a brief period of time. Respite care is a service that provides supportive care and supervision to recipients under the age of 21 years when the primary caregiver is unable to perform the duties of a caregiver.

Respite care for recipient’s age 21 years or older is available as a part of the personal supports service family.


Supported Employment

Services provide training and assistance to help support recipients in job development and sustaining paid employment at or above minimum wage unless the recipient is operating a small business. This service can be performed on a full or part-time basis and at a level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by trained non-disabled recipients. The provider assists with the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to accessing and maintaining such employment, or developing and operating a small business. With the assistance of the provider, the recipient receives help in securing employment according to the recipient’s knowledge, skills, abilities, supports needed, desired goals, and planned outcomes. This service is conducted in a variety of settings, including work sites in which individuals without disabilities are employed. This service should include assisting a recipient to learn job tasks needed to be employed, and the recipient should be included in all aspects of job development, interviewing, and job seeking activities


Supported Living

These services can include assistance with locating appropriate housing; the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to activities of daily living (e.g., personal hygiene and grooming); household chores; meal preparation; shopping; personal finances; and the social and adaptive skills necessary to enable recipients to reside on their own. Supported living coaching services provide training and assistance in a variety of activities to recipients who live in their own homes or apartments.



This service provides transportation to and from the recipient’s home and community based waiver services, enabling the recipient to receive the supports and services identified in both the support plan and approved cost plan. When services can’t be accessed through natural supports

Elderly and Veterans Services